Our protect system consists of a combination of:

  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Couplers

ISOSCAFF uses two types of aluminum profiles, straight profiles and corner profiles, to achieve a complete enclosure of your scaffolding. The polycarbonate sheets are inserted into these profiles, allowing for a controlled sealing. The system is mounted directly onto the scaffold by using our couplers.


Due to the light weight of our components, it is possible to install roofs using ISOSCAFF materials at any location and every height you desire. It is also possible to construct complete roof sections on the ground and then hoist them into place as a whole. Because the roofs are installed with overlapping panels, drainage is guaranteed, comparable with roof tiles.

You can choose between a lean-to roof or a gable roof. This choice will generally be of a structural nature. When choosing a gable roof, ISOSCAFF offers a flexible ridge solution. Depending on the expected conditions, the slope should be determined for proper drainage of water or snow. This information can be found in the installation and user manual. The ISOSCAFF system has proven itself as a roof at great heights and in the toughest wind areas in the Netherlands over and over again. Work can be safely continued under almost all weather conditions, which saves you extra time, extra costs, and unnecessary risks.

Other applications

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