Anti-Entering System

Our protect system consists of a combination of:

  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Couplers

ISOSCAFF uses two types of aluminum profiles, straight profiles and corner profiles, to achieve a complete enclosure of your scaffolding. The polycarbonate sheets are inserted into these profiles, allowing for a controlled sealing. The system is mounted directly onto the scaffold by using our couplers.

Anti-entering protection for unwanted access.

For some projects, it is mandatory to make sure the lower part of the scaffolding is inaccessible for people with unwanted access. The goal is to make it difficult for unwanted individuals to enter the building or property. The ISOSCAFF polycarbonate panels are not to be underestimated if a vandal tries to gain access. The toughness of the panels, which are locked in the aluminum profiles, has proven to be effective multiple times as an anti-burglary/climbing measure.

Due to its sleek appearance, it is widely used in places where even the appearance of the scaffolding around a construction or renovation is taken into account. The stability and resistance to vandalism, as well as the high fire resistance of the product, makes it a better product than fences with canvas and/ or wooden plates.

What’s great about using Isoscaff’s polycarbonate panels is that by using lighting, an extra dimension of safety can be added in dark locations. The system consists of a combination of aluminum profiles and panels. There are two types of aluminum profiles, the straight profile and the corner profile. The panels are inserted into the straight or corner profile, creating a controlled seal. Then the system is mounted on the scaffold on-site using special clamps.

Other applications

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