Our protect system consists of a combination of:

  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Couplers

ISOSCAFF uses two types of aluminum profiles, straight profiles and corner profiles, to achieve a complete enclosure of your scaffolding. The polycarbonate sheets are inserted into these profiles, allowing for a controlled sealing. The system is mounted directly onto the scaffold by using our couplers.

Complete ISOSCAFF enclosure

By using the ISOSCAFF scaffolding protection system, you can completely enclose your scaffold and create a controlled working environment. To achieve a complete seal, the system must be attached to the horizontal scaffolding construction and the vertical scaffolding construction. On-site solutions will be provided for any areas that require special attention.

Rubber flaps can be used to seal the bottom of the ISOSCAFF protection system. These flaps: Are available in various sizes. The flaps are flexible in high and width. The flaps function to keep out cold and keep in things like noise, dust and debris.

ISOSCAFF protection system walls can accommodate a lockable door or window at any desired location. Doors can be supplied in various sizes and placed at different levels. ISOSCAFF doors provide maximum safety and accessibility to your project by combining polycarbonate panels with aluminum profiles.

If materials need to be hoisted into the building during construction, a part of the roof or wall can be disassembled. ISOSCAFF is happy to help overcome any obstacles that may arise during the project, by creating a removable hatch that can be easily taken off and put back in place.

The ISOSCAFF protection system shields your construction site from weather elements and provides: A comfortable work environment (insulation and wind/water resistance) Double UV filter Increased security against burglary and theft Additional protection against falling materials Extra sound insulation Continuity of your project during bad weather (saving time and costs) Versatility for your project.

Other applications

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